Valentine’s sweets

As you all know, Valentine’s day is comming. It’s not very popular in our country, but I like to celebrate it. We want to share with a chocolate cupcakes recipe with you cause we’re soo in cupcakes and muffins! Sadly, I don’t have Valentine this year, just like Ieva, so what to do? Bake cupcakes to each other! 😀
And now for your attention:
150g dark chocolate
150g butter
150g sugar (but I used about 70g or less brown sugar)
150g wheat flour (550D)
4 eggs
Pinch of salt
1tsp baking powder (I used a bit more)
How to:
Melt chopped butter and chocolate into a boiling water “bath” (I hope you get it cause I don’t know how to say in the other way 😀 ) do not over heat the chocolate!, then add sugar and mix until it melts. Let your chocolate mix keep cool and whisk eggs with salt until it gets light and “fluffy”. Slowly spill egg mix into (chilled/cooled) chocolate mix and keep blending everything together until nice and creamy. From now, do not wait! Mix flour with baking powder and slowly keep adding and mixing it with chocolate mix, be patiend!
Serve your dough into cupcake wrappers and put into heated oven (180-200 degrees C) for about 15-20min.





You get 12 rich, dark, super full and fluffy cupcakes!



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