Hello, hi, ciao, kawaii!

Hello guys, wellcome to the f.f. & f. we want to tell you more about f.f.f. And us. So let’s start!
Our names is Rūta and Ieva, we are students from LT (small country in middle EU). We’re best friends from the primary school till now. Growing we found, that we like (mostly) the same things, have the same hobbies, so we had a dream to have our own blog and now we realised it. We ‘ll write about things we like and know VERY well. It’s food, fashion and other things. There you’ll find many interesting and beautiful photos, posts and tips :D. Also we love baking (and cooking) . Our families are mad on us, because we occupied all the kitchen (kitchens). Usually we bake cupcakes, pies, cookies, salads, healthy food and sometimes more serious dishes, so in other words – everything. We also love fashion – Rūta mostly every day is going to the art school, and we like drawing clothes and models. We’ll sometimes show you our #ootd , #whatisinmycloset and other fun things 🙂 This blog IS NOT only for girls. All food, #ootd and etc. photos will ge taken by ourselves, all recipes will be from us. And sorry if we’ll make some grammar mistakes 🙂 English is not our native language 🙂



And for the begging – “the super smoothie
1/2 peach
100ml yogurth (I used Greek)
Few ice cubes
Few spoons of blueberries
Teaspoon of honey

Just blend it all together!
See you soon 😉



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